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YN-468 Video Review: Manual Mode

To complement the information in text and photos on the site I’ve started shooting some videos with short reviews about my speedlights. Yongnuo YN-468 manual mode review is the first one in the series, and embedded here:


The video shows:

  1. contents in the box
  2. an uninteded drop test
  3. inserting batteries
  4. manual mode operation
  5. partial output setting
  6. Cactus V4 triggering
  7. RF-602 triggering (partial)

More YN468 information

Don’t miss out on the 2 review articles about the E-TTL enabled 468 model from Yongnuo, or have a look at the data sheet:

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Canon 580EX II Strobist Review

The Canon 580EX mk II is Canon’s flag ship flash unit, and as such it offers next to all the bells and whistles also a powerful manual mode. This is exactly the focus of the following review: how does it behave in a strobist setup? How easy is it to set the manual mode? Does it work with Cactus or Yongnuo radio triggers? The answers can be found here.

Canon 580EX II Frontal View

Strobist Must-Haves

  • manual mode
    • has manual mode: yes
    • minimum manual power: 1/128
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Yongnuo YN460 Off-Camera Flash

YN-460 on light standFor photographers on a budget, Yongnuo’s 460 model is was a great choice – until the introduction of the Yongnuo YN-460 Mark II.

The YN-460 offers everything that you need for manual operation in a package of acceptable (some say ‘very good’) quality at a bargain price, and it’s available new from eBay for around 40 USD.

In addition, it’s rather small size, almost exactly the same as the SB-600 from Nikon.

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