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Nissin Di-866 Flash Review

Di866 for Nikon D90The Nissin Di866 flash is a professional flash and constitutes a lower priced alternative to the flagship models 580EX II from Canon and the Nikon SB-900.

It’s a lot cheaper (by more than $150) but still fully loaded with professional features like wireless master mode, PC sync port and an external power connector.

The flash was introduced in 2008 as Nissin’s top speedlite model. Mid-range offerings include the Di622 / Di622 Mark II, as well as the Di466 (which is positioned between entry-level and mid-range, technically).

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Nissin Flash Review: Di622-II

Nissin Di622 Mark II review on cameraThe new Nissin Di622-II flash for Canon or Nikon is an interesting alternative to the 430EX series and the SB-600 / SB-700, respectively. If you are looking for an external flash that doesn’t cost a fortune, the Di622 Mark II might be for you.

There is some compromise to make; you don’t get high speed sync, for example, nor modeling light. But everything whats really needed for good photos is there, in a good quality package.

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Nissin Di622 Mark II vs Di622 and Di866

The new Nissin Di622 Mark II is an upgrade from the Di622 and a powerful middle class flash at an attractive price.

In contrast to the limited precursor it now could be called “quintuple-sync” as it can be triggered in five ways: (1) flash foot, (2a/b) optical slave modes, (3) PC socket, (4) mini phone jack, and (5) wireless E-TTL / i-TTL slave mode are the options.

Nissin Di622 Mark II box contents

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