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Canon Speedlite 320EX vs 430EX II

320EX vs 430EX II Speedlite The new Canon 320EX “hybrid” flash is the first camera flash with a built-in video light.

With the 320EX, Canon launches a 4th model of speedlite flashes. The closest relative to the new 320 EX is the current mid-range model Canon 430EX II, introduced in 2008 and priced at around $270.

The 320EX was announced in February 2011 at $249 and is similar in many respects: both flashes support the latest ETTL (II) technology, feature a flash head with swivel and tilt for indirect flash and a metal flash foot with quick release lever for easy attachment in the accessory shoe.

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Yongnuo YN468 vs 430EX II Canon Speedlite

Yongnuo 468 versus Canon’s 430EX II – how does the $100 flash (e.g. from eBay) hold up against the mid-range speedlite from Canon costing about > 2.5x?

YN468 versus Canon 430EX II

Finally, a Canon speedlite 430EX II has joined the collection (I plan on doing much more Canon testing in 2011!), and a direct comparison of YN468 vs 430 EX II is the topic of this article. Both speedlites were tested with a Canon Rebel T1i (Canon 500D in Europe).

Yongnuo YN-468 on T1i or EOS 500D

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4 more Flashes Added to Comparison Page

Canon 430EX II, Nikon SB-28DX, SB-800, SB-900

I managed to add last night another 4 speedlights to the side by side comparison page. Overall, I have at least partial data on 90 strobes now, but it needs quite some time and research to collect all the info and verify it as much as possible. With the new flash models added, you can answer questions like:

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