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Canon Speedlite 320EX vs 430EX II

320EX vs 430EX II Speedlite The new Canon 320EX “hybrid” flash is the first camera flash with a built-in video light.

With the 320EX, Canon launches a 4th model of speedlite flashes. The closest relative to the new 320 EX is the current mid-range model Canon 430EX II, introduced in 2008 and priced at around $270.

The 320EX was announced in February 2011 at $249 and is similar in many respects: both flashes support the latest ETTL (II) technology, feature a flash head with swivel and tilt for indirect flash and a metal flash foot with quick release lever for easy attachment in the accessory shoe.

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Canon Speedlite 320EX Preview

Canon announced 2 new speedlites: the 270EX II, and the new and very interesting photo-video hybrid flash 320EX, which is the topic here.

320EX flash tube and LED light

For camcorders, there have been video lights with additional flash tube before – see the photo of Canon’s own VFL-2 further below. But for still cameras, the Canon Speedlite 320EX is the first flash with additional video light on the market (Nikon’s SB80DX had a similar looking light on the front, but that was an anti red-eye lamp).

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