Canon Speedlites

Canon has undertaken great efforts recently to enhance its flash system and catch up to Nikon’s standard. As of late 2011, many of the new camera bodies now feature a wireless master mode for the built-in popup flash (600D, 60D, 7D), and all speedlites have a wireless slave mode for E-TTL operation.

Canon's flashes 320 430 580 and ST-E2

With the 580EX II, the 430EX II and the new models 320EX and 270EX II there are 4 models to choose from now (attached to the Rebel T1i camera in the photo above is a Canon ST-E2 wireless speedlite commander).

Canon Speedlite Information and Reviews

270EX II info page – entry-level model in Canon’s lineup
320EX review – photo-video hybrid flash with flash tube and LED light
430EX II review – the current mid-range flash
580EX II review – the flagship model from Canon

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