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Better photos with flash! Here you find information and reviews about speedlites from Canon, Yongnuo, Nikon, Nissin, and other manufacturer brands. Most recent posts: Yongnuo Speedlite EX600 DiscoveredSpeedlite 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT – Canon’s Radio New Flash DuoYongnuo YN-468 II released

Flash Units by Manufacturer Brand

Browse through the list to find information and in-depth review articles by manufacturer and flash model name. Info and reviews for Vivitar, Sigma, and other manufacturer brands are listed under the “other manufacturers” category:

Yongnuo Speedlite

YN-460 II review
YN-465 review
YN-467 review
YN-468 Mark II NEW
YN-560 review
YN-560 Mark II NEW
YN-565 EX review
past models
YN-460 review
YN-468 review

Canon Speedlite

270EX II
320EX review
430EX II review
580EX II review
600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT

Nikon Speedlight

SB-700 review
SB-910 NEW
past models
SB-600 review

Metz Flashes

50 AF-1
58 AF-2
past models
48 AF-1 review

Nissin Flash

Di622 Mark II review
Di866 Mark II
past models
Di866 review

Other Manufacturers

MeiKe MK930 review
Sigma EF-610 DG Super
Vivitar 285 HV


Discussion Forums!

Flash product road maps … new features … release dates: use the “ask Yongnuo” forum to ask Yongnuo direct questions; the general forum is your place to talk about anything flash related.

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Special Pages

OK – you see there’s a lot of choice out there, but which one should you buy from the dozens of available flash units? Canon, Metz, Nissin, Sigma, Vivitar, Nissin, Yongnuo, Oloong, or MeiKe? The following pages provide more information across several brands and list recommended models for different budgets.

Flash Finder for Canon

Canon SpeedlitesWhich flash should I buy for my Canon camera? Does it have to be an ‘original’ Canon Speedlite, or what do I get from a 3rd party manufacturer? How do the key features compare? Which ones are recommended?

Find a flash for Canon!

Flash Finder for Nikon

Nikon speedlight flashesWhat speedlight models from Nikon are compatible with today’s DSLR? Can I buy a Metz oder a model from Nissin? Which Yongnuo flashes are available in i-TTL version for Nikon digital CLS?

Find a flash for Nikon!

YN465/468/565/etc + Canon Rebel T3i/5D mkII/7D = ?

Yongnuo TTL flash YN468 YN467 YN465 YN565Canon cameras can be a bit tricky when it comes to compatibility with 3rd party flash. This crowd-sourced and curated list represents what’s known about camera-flash compatibility at this point.

Check the Yongnuo-Canon compatibility table

Which Is the Most Powerful Flash? Power Index Power Index for TTL FlashForget the manufacturer specs! Different zoom settings, measurement methodologies, and sometimes even ISO adjustments make it very hard to compare guide numbers between different models and makes. The ranking displays actual metering results, all of them obtained under controlled test conditions.

See the most powerful flash units tested so far

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