Surprise: There are 2 new Canon Speedlites – 600EX and 600EX-RT

Canon 600EX non-radio flashThis new product can’t be found on the Us Canon website yet as of March 2nd, but the German website lists 2 new speedlite flashes from Canon: there is a non-radio version of the new Canon top-flash listed, and it’s simply called “Canon Speedlite 600EX”, i.e. without the “-RT” ending.

The specs are the same as for the revolutionary Speedlite 600-EX-RT with built-in radio-control mode, except that this new wireless feature is missing. But don’t worry, you still have the established optical wireless flash mode, capable of controlling 3 groups of flashes using 4 channels.

This seemingly stripped-down 600-EX is still a big upgrade from the current Canon 580EX II, significantly improved in a lot of areas such as:

  • much better user interface e.g. with direct buttons for wireless mode
  • dot matrix display (instead of the small segment type LCD panel found in 580EX II)
  • zoom range 20-200mm (rather than 24-105)
  • new guide number of 60 (meters) at max zoom
  • 61-point AF assist
  • improved build quality (according to Canon)

There’s more to be said about this new pair of Canon speedlites in the coming days!

More Canon 600-EX Information flash lineup page
Canon 600-EX specs page (in German language)

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