Yongnuo YN-565EX for Nikon Available Now!

YN-565 for Nikon i-TTLFinally, the long-awaited new Yongnuo speedlite for Nikon is here and available for purchase from the manufacturer store on eBay: Yongnuo’s Nikon YN-565EX costs around $170 in the US – that’s almost 50% less than the investment needed for Nikon’s mid-range flash SB-700 with a more or less comparable feature set.

Nikon users had to wait for a long time to see a new Yongnuo hit the markets. The latest model had still been the lower-powered Yongnuo YN-467 first introduced in 2009, and there were no news during the entire year of 2011, just until now.

We expected the release of the flash for mid December already, as that was the timeline Yongnuo themselves have communicated on the Speedlights.net discussion boards where everybody is invited post and reach out to Yongnuo representatives.

Mid-Range Flash With Additional Pro Features

What they offer with the new speedlight flash is very compelling: thanks to the Nikon i-TTL support you can simply attach the YN565EX to the camera hot-shoe and start firing away. Everything is adjusted automatically – just as if you were using an original Nikon speedlight; ss soon as I get my hands on one of the new 565 Nikon flashes I’ll start with the testing to let you know how it performs!

But the flash is equally interesting for more advanced users: it does not offer any wireless master mode, but it has a full-blown AWL slave mode with 4 channels/ 3 groups selectable, a long range wireless sensor, 2 optical slave modes, a PC sync port, and an external power pack connector (however for Canon-type power packs SF-18C, SF-17C). Check the YN-565 (Canon) review for more info.

What’s unique among compact speedlites is that this flash is compatible with both Canon and Nikon wireless master signals at the same time, which means you can use a YN565 for Nikon as a E-TTL slave with a Canon camera body, or a YN565 for Canon as a Nikon wireless slave!

Yongnuo with Canon and Nikon slave compatibility

YN-565 Nikon Compatibility

Yongnuo lists the following Nikon DSLR bodies as compatible with the new flash – pls send a note or leave a comment if you use the flash in one of these combinations:

Entry-level / mid-range:
D5100, D5000, D3100, D3000, D60, D40x, D40

D7000, D90, D80, D70s, D70

Semi pro DX:
D300s, D300, D200


No information yet / not compatible officially:
D3 series, D2 series, D50; it surely won’t be compatible with D1 series / D100 due to different flash exposure protocol used on these camera models (D-TTL instead of i-TTL).

The Nikon i-TTL version of the new Yongnuo flash can be distinguished from the Canon version by looking at the flash foot, where Nikon has 4 electrical pins instead of the 5 pins Canon is using. In addition to that, the labeling consists of gold color lettering rather than the silver/white font used for the Canon version of the YN-565.

Learn More About YN-565 for Nikon

To learn more about the features, the real-world performance and Speedlight.net test results for guide number, recycling time, flash duration etc check out the comprehensive YN-565 for Canon review.

Make sure to sign up to email updates, “like” Speedlights on Facebook, or follow Speedlights.net on twitter and you will be notified when there are news coming in and new test results get posted.

Finally there’s the opportunity to reach out to Yongnuo direct via the Speedlights.net discussion boards where they are seeking your ideas, comments or questions and post replies from time to time.

Where to Buy

Yongnuo products can be found on eBay. You can find the YN-565EX for Nikon in their official manufacturer store, or check all YN-565EX for Nikon offers.

amazon is another good source for Yongnuo products, but the selection is not always as big as on eBay; as of Dec 18 2011, the YN-565 for Nikon has not shown up there yet.

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8 Responses to Yongnuo YN-565EX for Nikon Available Now!

  1. Carlos says:

    I got mine today. I bought it on ebay to hk-concept seller and it has taken 11 days to arrive, pretty fast considering the Xmas season.
    It is really well built and it gives really big power. I have only tested the basic functions and it is quite easy to manage them. It works flawless in my D40X and zoom moves according to my focal length.

  2. Efi says:

    Any review or hands-on experience with the YN-565 for Nikon ?

  3. Carlos says:

    Well, after playing with it I must confess this is a GREAT flash.
    I´m not really an expert in flashes but I can tell you that for 120 Euros you will get a really nice product.

    I have use it mainly on TTL mode with my D40X + Sigma 18-200 OS HSM // Nikon 50mm 1.8g, and the portraits are really nice. I have tested it with ISO 100 and 200mm focal lenght at 6-7 meters and the scene was perfectly iluminated. I have also played with it on manual mode and it is really powerfull at maximum power.

    It is a bit heavy, but nothing extreme. The construction seems very stable and the plastic quality is on average.

    I really recomend it. I´m really happy with it, my interior pictures are now completely different, much better lightes than with my built-in flash of course. The portraits with the flash at 45º with white card extended are very nice, the whole scene is iluminated, not only the subject.

    Specs are equal to Canon model, so check the Canon model review of this model and you will have the same on Nikon version.

  4. cityp says:

    Just got my 565EX for Nikon yesterday and I really like it. Compared to my SB700 it’s not bad and now I can use the commander mode feature of my SB700 and use the 565EX as remote. I use a D5100 by the way. However, I’ve encountered something strange so I just posted this question on the forum:

    “Hello..I have a Nikon SB700 flash with it’s AF lights on the flash turned off but the AF on the camera is on. When I halfpress the shutter to focus, the camera’s AF lights turns on naturally. However if I configure the AF on the 565EX to be off and the camera’s AF on, it won’t turn on the AF lights on the camera when I half press the shutter. Do I have a bad flash?”

  5. TRP says:

    Looks like I see the 468-II, 560-II, 565-II are all available for Nikon now on hkyongnuo ebay store.

  6. dee says:

    what about SP-690?
    565ex its Canon’s 580ex clone, so SP690 are Nikons’s SB900 clone. lol

    maybe someone wanna share SP690 own review?

    Im intrested 565exII vs SP690 nikons versions.


  7. dee says:

    and, who could compare recycle times? as I saw 565EX ~2secs, SP-690 as i’v read in http://www.pixelinduced.com/forum/topics/oloong-speedlight-sp-690-vs-nikon-sb-900-vs-nikon-sb-600-or-canon it says ~4secs, so i think 565EX is better for this (for me).

  8. Daryl says:

    I was using my (new) YN565EX on the weekend with Yongnuo RF602 wireless triggers, alongside 2 x SB600 Nikons. I have used it before in iTTL and S2 modes without a hitch.

    I experienced about 2/3 misfires with the YN565EX and none with the Nikons, even though one of the Nikons was further from the camera/transmitter than the YN565. I later checked all batteries for charge, and all transmitters for function and could not locate any problems. Retesting at closer distance produced not misfires with all 3 receivers.

    The only possibility I can see is that I attempted to shoot again before the YN had recharged fully, but that does not make a lot of sense as I was using a 5 second delay on the remote trigger for stability and I got 2 misfires in a row, meaning even more time to charge up.

    I did make the mistake of not pointing the indicator lights of the YN towards me to see the OK light display. (BTW, I scratch my head at the use of a green light while recharging, and then red to flag a full charge! Why not yellow or orange for charging and then green to OK?)

    Has anyone got any suggestions of other potential sources of the problem I experienced?

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