Yongnuo YN468-II Available Now! (Don’t buy the old one anymore)

YN-468 speedlite for review on cam Nov 3, 2011: The new YN-468-II has been released and is available now for $102! Get it from the Yongnuo manufacturer store: YN-468 II, or read more about the new features on the YN-468-II page.

Until November 2011, the Yongnuo YN-468 was the latest addition to the Yongnuo 46-x flash lineup and their 6th model overall. Improvements in the new YN468-II model include:

  1. new battery compartment design
  2. improved optical slave sensor
  3. better AF assist (laser-based design of their YN-565)
  4. PC sync port
  5. metal flash foot (like all YN flashes since Jan 2011)
  6. potentially better button material

To learn more about the new flash go to the YN-468-II page. Also check the YN-468 in-depth review (now the “mark I” model).

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