Yongnuo Speedlite YN-565 for Canon and Nikon

8/26: Go here for the YN-565 in-depth review.

Update from 8/22: The Yongnuo YN-565 for Canon is now available from the manufacturer store on eBay for $180 with free shipping as well as from other sellers!

8/22: YN-565 on amazon (I talked with the seller “cheaplights” and he ships from the US and offers 30 days own warranty).

8/22: My Yongnuo YN-565 is still on its way – it left HK on 8/15 according to the mail tracking information system but there was no further update so far; I hope it will arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday 8/24.

Curious to learn how well the new flash works with the Canon Rebel T1i and ST-E2 wireless commanders as well as Nikon cameras and SB-7/8/900 flashes as wireless slave?

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Update from 7/24: according to Yongnuo the YN-565 starts shipping in August in the Canon version and 2 – 3 months later in the Nikon version

Update from 3/28: confirmed by Yongnuo: TTL slave mode, but no master mode

Yongnuo YN565 Canon FlashAs first leaked on March 8 and made official by Yongnuo on 3/22/11, a new TTL-enabled 560-series flash will be released: the YN-565EX, available in a Canon and Nikon version (and even cross-compatible).

It’s a YN-560 with the features of the YN-468, PLUS some huge upgrades on the new 565 making it a much more capable tool for digital flash photography, both in the camera hot shoe and in wireless mode.

The YN-565 competes with Canon’s 580EX II and the Nikon SB-900, but also with other 3rd party flashes in the professional class such as a Metz 58 AF-2, Nissin Di866, and the Sigma EF-610 DG Super.

Expect this flash to be available within 2 months from now = late May of 2011 (latest info from Yongnuo dating 3/24).

Pricing is not known yet. I made a prediction before that it might cost $140 – $180, which would not be too much for the functionality offered.


  • first flash supporting Canon and Nikon wireless slave mode in parallel
  • first Yongnuo speedlite with a wireless master mode (not 100% sure about this feature yet)
  • very powerful: official GN 39 at 35mm / 58 at 105mm, expect a real GN of 34 at 35mm
  • professional features: PC sync, power pack connector (Canon or Nikon compatible)
  • advanced ETTL features: sensor size zoom, modeling light (HSS?)
  • very usable for “strobist” flash work: manual zoom, M mode with 1/128 min, fast recycle

Canon and Nikon Wireless TTL Slave Mode Support

Wireless Mode Switch on YN 565-EXWith the button shown in the image on the right, you can set the wireless slave mode – the YN-565 is using the same icons as Canon here.

Yongnuo have confirmed that the YN-565EX will support both Canon and Nikon wireless TTL modes in parallel (thanks a lot to Leo from imagemelbourne.com.au for the info).

So this is the sensation – we have a cross-brand compatible speedlite now when it comes to the wireless slave mode. You can use either version – Canon or Nikon – as a wireless TTL slave in both systems!

That means that any YN-565 can be controlled from SB-900, or 580EX II, or SB-700, or SU-800, or ST-E2 etc.

No Wireless TTL Master Mode

Yongnuo updated their product details page, and it’s confirmed now there is no commander / master mode on the flash. Here’s what the updated text says:

The YN565EX can be triggered by 580EX II, SB-900/800/700, 7D/60D/600D, Nikon c-command and ST-E2, and flashes as TTL mode as well as M/Multi mode. To enjoy wireless TTL lighting, ratio control, as well as remote control of output level, you may only take a camera with built-in commander mode, and the YN565EX.

According to reports and an email from Yongnuo, the flash does also offer a master mode on top of the remote slave feature. The only doubt remaining is the iconography used by Yongnuo which suggests it is only a slave.

In that case, one key feature of a professional flash is missing: it’s not able to control other speedlites through wireless TTL.

Yongnuo YN-565 display vs Canon 580EX II and 430EX II

The ‘wireless’ icon is the arrow shaped symbol found at the rightmost button in the upper row, after the word ‘ZOOM/’.

If you compare the icons on the Canon 580EX II displayed on the right (has the master feature) and the ‘wireless’ icon on the 430EX II on the left (only slave feature but no master mode), you see a slight difference: the latter uses an arrow symbol with one arrowhead while the former shows a double arrow to indicate transmitter plus receiver functionality.

The arrow on the Yongnuo has – one arrowhead only. So the icon says slave only.

Hot shoe TTL for Canon or Nikon

Yongnuo 565 for Canon flash foot shoe mountThis closeup shows the flash foot of the Canon version; you see the center x-sync contact and the additional pins for the ETTL(II) data exchange.

Due to the different layout of electrical pins in the flash foot / hot-shoe, the 2 versions are not cross-compatible in the camera hot-shoe: get the 5-pin Canon version for a Canon camera, and the 4-pin i-TTL version to use in the hot shoe of a Nikon body.

In wireless mode these pins are certainly irrelevant; that’s why it’s possible to work in both manufacturers’ respective TTL modes when used remote.

Wireless Feature Overview

Here’s a table with an overview of the wireless features:

Wireless feature Yongnuo YN-565 for Canon Yongnuo YN-565 for Nikon
Hot-shoe TTL mode support Canon ETTL(II) Nikon i-TTL
Wireless master mode no master mode no master mode
Wireless slave mode - works as remote slave in Canon wireless ETTL(II) mode
- works as remote slave in Nikon wireless i-TTL mode (AWL slave)
- works as remote slave in Canon wireless ETTL(II) mode
- works as remote slave in Nikon wireless i-TTL mode (AWL slave)


Guide Number 58 (ISO 100, 105mm)

According to the Yongnuo specs the new flash has a guide number of 58 (meters, ISO 100, 105mm). That’s the same guide number found in the specs of the existing YN-560.

For the 35mm wide angle setting, the guide number table of the YN-560 states a GN of 39. This is higher than the value for the Canon 580EX II with GN 36 at 35mm and Nikon SB-900 (GN 34).

In the testing for the YN-560 review, the true guide number has proven to be lower. I got GN 34 only for the YN-560, but GN 39 for the Canon 580EX II.

Yongnuo 560 guide number table

That’s why I think we’ll see the same result for the YN-565: guide number of 34 (meters) at 35mm instead of the official 39, and GN 49 at 105mm instead of the official 58.

See test results for more than different 20 speedlite models in the Speedlights.net power index.

Flash Modes: ETTL / i-TTL, M, Multi Mode

The YN-560 has only the manual mode, but the current YN-468 for Canon offers all of the above flash modes, so no doubt about these flash modes being present also on the 565.

As can be seen from the YN-565 display screen below, there is also a distance calculator scale on the info panel – this would be a new feature for a Yongnuo.

Modeling Light

Yongnuo 565 modeling lightI was wondering if there’s some more information on the Yongnuo billboard that went around (see here) so I asked a friend of mine who’s speaking Chinese.

He’s not a photography expert, but the words highlighted in the image here seem to talk about a modeling light.

It would be cool if somebody could confirm this, or let us know if there’s more new information in the text on the right that was overlooked so far.

Probably No HSS (FP Sync)

Comparing the icons used on the units reveals another detail: the button left of the “ZOOM” button serves for switching between normal and rear sync, but only on the two speedlites from Canon there’s an additional ‘flash-H icon’ text found on the flash. Means there’s probably no high speed sync possible with the Yongnuo 565EX.

PC Sync Port and External Power Connector

PC sync port is found on the YN-560, and can be seen on the YN565 photos below also.

Auto and Manual Zooming Head 24 – 105mm

The zoom range of 24-105 is the same as on the YN-560 and the Canon 580EX II it was modeled after.

With the wide panel, 18mm will be achieved. Zoom steps on the YN-560 are 24 – 28 – 35 – 50 – 70 – 80 – 105mm.

Auto Zoom for Sensor Size

YN565 auto zoom for sensor sizeAccording to the photo of the screen, the flash has sensor size detection zoom – this is what the icon in the upper right corner shows. Yongnuo is getting pretty advanced now.

Metz has been the only 3rd party able to offer the auto zoom for sensor size mode on their Canon compatible speedlights so far – even Nissin doesn’t have it!

3 Second Recycle Time

Given the similarity of the current YN-560 and future YN-565 we can assume they have identical recycle times (official specs are also the same for the 2 models).

This is another piece of good news: I tested the YN-560 according to ISO and got 3.4 sec for fresh Duracell alkaline batteries and a very fast 1.6 sec with Sanyo eneloop NiMH.

YN-560 recycle times (full power, in seconds)

1.6 seconds recycle with eneloops – much faster flash recycle than with the 580EX II (or Nikon flashes). But OK, guide number will also be a little bit lower (34 versus 36 for Canon).

Metal Hot Shoe

Yongnuo have upgraded all their speedlites in January 2011 with a metal flash foot, so this is no surprise.

Yongnuo YN-565EX Wireless ETTL Mode Sensor

YN-565 front screen detailThere are a couple of interesting details visible on the photos below, most striking is the “design” of the front screen.

This is an additional sensor window within the AF assist beam cover, and it looks unlike anything else seen from Yongnuo to date:

According to Yongnuo rumors, this new Yongnuo 565EX does not only work in the camera hot shoe in ETTL, but it does also support the wireless ETTL mode.

On their own version of the ST-E2 YN have successfully copied that technology already.

Here are some more photos showing the new Yongnuo flash.

Yongnuo 565 BackYN-565 FrontYN-565 Battery CompartmentYongnuo 565 left

More Yongnuo Flash Information

Go here for the YN-565 in-depth review.

Where To Buy

You can find Yongnuo speedlites on eBay, including the YN-565 as soon as it’s available. Check either the Yongnuo manufacturer store or browse through all Yongnuo speedlite offers.

amazon is another great source for Yongnuo products but does not always have the same broad selection.

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49 Responses to Yongnuo Speedlite YN-565 for Canon and Nikon

  1. Marcus says:

    Any rumor about Nikon version?

    • fransener says:

      Hi Marcus

      There’s a rumor about the YN-468 coming in Nikon version around July time frame, but nothing yet on YN-565. The Nikon i-TTL protocol is more complex than Canon’s, and since the 565EX will even have wireless TTL I think it will take some more time for a Nikon version.

  2. Bernd says:

    Do you know if this flash will work with Yongnuo’s own ST-E2?

    • fransener says:

      Hi there

      That’s not known yet, but I suppose it will have a wireless ETTL slave mode also, in addition to the master mode, so it would work.

  3. Sam says:

    Really, on china photo and every other chinese blog, the announcement has included a nikon version for the yn-565.

  4. Sam says:

    Reguarding my previous comment, I was wrong. I emailed Yongnuo and this was what they said,
    Dear Sam

    Yes, we will make i-TTL for Nikon. But it will be later then for Canon. Hopefully in July or Aug.

    Kind regards

  5. Tim says:

    Any rumor on when we might see them start popping up on Ebay?

  6. Tim says:

    I saw something about summer, do you think before or after june?

    • fransener says:

      Hi Tim – I’d be really guessing. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure it’s coming but might be sooner than June – but also later in the year.

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  8. FrancoisM says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed Fransener :)

    I was on the verge to buy a YN-468 for its zoom capacities, now I guess I’ll wait a little until the second batch of YN-565 comes out. Meanwhile, I’ll buy a YN-560 for the “studio” shoots


  9. Leo says:

    I have an email from Yongnuo confirming that both Nikon and Canon versions of the YN565 will offer Master mode.

    There will be 2 versions with different feet, both versions will support Nikon & Canon slave mode in addition to offering the appropriate Master mode.

    Perhaps you could update the article…

  10. Dekun says:

    The highlighted part indeed say modeling light.

  11. Alfred says:

    This article says that in Jan2011 Yongnuo updated all their speedlites with a metal flash foot. Is his true? I can now buy a YN-468 with a metal foot? Please confirm.


  12. Alfred says:

    I answered my own question…I did a quick scan of your lovely site and have read various confirmations that the YN467 and YN467 are indeed shipping with metal feet.

    Thanks again

  13. fransener says:

    Hi Alfred – ask the seller specifically about the flash foot – there might still be some old versions out there for sale.

  14. Tim says:

    hopefully these hit the market before June!

  15. john says:

    Would this work with the pocket wizards tt5, in ettl mode?

    • fransener says:

      Hi john: it should but we don’t know yet. Have you found experience about the PW TT5 and other YN flashes?

  16. Dax says:


    Any news on the YN-565? I’ve been waiting to get my hands on one but don’t know when it will be released.

    • fransener says:

      Hi Dax – I’ve read the release date has been pushed out to June, could be it gets released by then, but might also be a bit later. I also assume the Canon version will come out before the Nikon version – Yongnuo hasn’t released new Nikon-compatible products since the YN-467, but has been very active on the Canon side, e.g. with the YN ST-E2, and the YN-468.

  17. Hasib says:

    Can you please give me an address in Bangkok where YN-560 can be found. I have someone about to come from there whom I would like to request to bring one unit for me. Btw, I am from Bangladesh. YongNuo products are not available here…

  18. dyuane says:

    I just found this site. thanks for the reviews. Has any heard any new updates on the release.I just bought at t2i and love it but don’t want to spend 550 for the canon flash. thanks

    • fransener says:

      Hi dyuane: the latest I heard from Yongnuo (through another person) was “end of June”.

  19. kadoublen says:

    Here is the translation of the picture of specification above.

    * support both nikon and canon wireless flash, 580ex and sb900/800/700, can be controlled by the camera head flash, if head flashs can ignite the flash. Can sense the wireless signal from st-e2. off camera ttl and manual flash.
    *Largest GN (58,iso 100 at 105mm) ever produced by Yongnuo. Support TTL, M, and multi flash modes as well as PC sync.
    *Auto and manual zoom functions are available. Has a 24-105mm focal length, fully support 35mm and mid format cameras.
    *Fully support TTL, exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, rear curtain, exposure lock, can be accessed by camera menu(canon only).
    *Fast recycle time, support external batteries.
    *Warning tone or beep sound reminder
    *LCD display and metal hot shoe

  20. Sei says:

    Here’s hoping this updated version has compatibility with the 600d. I’ll let someone else be the guinea pig there, though. Eagerly awaiting someone brave enough to give it a try (or sneaky enough to buy it for a different camera and smuggle it into Best Buy to test one on a demo camera in the store).

    • fransener says:

      Hello Sei: I I hope so too, and I’ll update the compatibility page as soon as I hear about it.

  21. Tim says:

    I have heard that these are supposed to be available late June, well July is tomorrow and haven’t heard anything new. I was hoping you know when we should start seeing these pop up on ebay?

  22. Ben says:

    I hope it would come out soon too. I’m about to buy a flash and am seriously considering the YN-565 if it comes out soon. I’m leaving for an annual trip mid-August so would need one before it comes.

    Thank you for the detailed information.

  23. Paul says:

    I email to ask Yongnuo last week about the 565.. they said it will be released by Aug..

  24. wesley ang says:

    its july already… any news regarding yn 565??

  25. SamWarrick says:

    Hi there,

    I emailed Yongnuo about the 565EX, I got this reply:

    “Thank you for your questions and our speedlite YN-565EX is going to come into market in the beginning of August.

    Thank you again for your trust and patience.”

    Well, that’s not so far.

    Best regards

  26. wesley ang says:

    still waiting,,,,

  27. Ronee Valeriano says:

    So latest info Aug 8 is its beginning to be shipped. Glad that this flash is beginning to be shipped. Is there any info when this is going to be available in the philippines? I hope speedlights.net can provide a review of this flash as soon as you guys receive a copy of this unit, I would like to read you review on the actual unit first before i buy one.

    • Speedlights says:

      Hello Ronee! I had a chance to buy the new YN-565 yesterday and will post some first thoughts as soon as it arrives and I have a chance to test it out! Frank

      • Ronee Valeriano says:

        Thank you very much Frank! I am looking forward to the review that you’ll provide! More power to speedlights.net

  28. baraa says:


    i have sony alpha camera
    Does not have a version for Sony ?
    thank you

  29. jay says:

    565 not sell for Nikon?

  30. Samgy says:

    But no high speed sync apparently… damn. It would have been THE Perfect flash for me. I guess I’ll have to go for the Nissin 866.

    • Speedlights says:

      Hi Samgy – careful with the Di866: it has no HSS in wireless mode, only in the camera hot shoe – I know this from my own experience with the flash. I do not think that this has been solved with the mark II version either. Frank

  31. Ido says:


    When a review for this flash will be up?

    And a question,
    Which flash for my t3i/600d i should get, yn-565 or Di866-mii?

    • Speedlights says:

      Hi Ido – I’m still waiting for my YN-565, according to the tracking # it left HK on 8/15 but not delivered yet. When it comes to your camera I’d wait for YN-565 reviews before I bought it; the Di866 II doesn’t have too many reviews either afaik, I only have the “mk 1″ version myself, but it seems like the mk 2 was improved quite a bit, e.g. in terms of wireless HSS that was reported to work now. However, for the money that you pay for the Nissin you can also have the Canon 430EX II – why not have a look at the Canon flash too? Or have a look at Nissin Di622 mk2 – that’s a good package in my opinion, and well priced also. Frank

      • Alex says:

        FWIW Frank, i’m still waiting on my YN565 too (I’m in Australia, so shipping times shouldn’t be *that* long from HK). I ordered it the morning it came up on eBay, tracking says it was shipped on 8/15 and no further info, and it didn’t come today. Hoping it comes sometime this week.

  32. ronee valeriano says:

    the yn-565ex is now being sold here in the philippines, theres only one seller as of the moment though. Im going to wait for the review first before buying it. And its being sold here cheaper than the one posted on ebay, but it only has 7 days personal warranty. So better wait for the review first. Hope this flash doesnt get easily broken.

  33. wes says:

    how much is been sold to the philippines sir ronee?

    • ronee valeriano says:

      The flash is being sold here for Php6,800.00. So thats about $160.00. There is no manufacturers warranty, the seller is only giving 7 days personal warranty.

  34. Alex says:

    Got my YN565 today. Pretty good. Should be heaps of fun. One thing I have noticed, the AF assist beam is a bit interesting. It doesn’t really cover all the focus points (usually the middle plus the two above) on any of my lenses (17-50mm, 50mm and 10-20mm). Also interesting is that when I first turned it on the AF beam was really bright and I could see it through the viewfinder. Now though, it seems a lot less bright and it’s hard to see through the VF. Wonder if it will get any brighter? Still seems like a great flash for the price though :)

    • Alex says:

      Oh, and the AF beam pretty much doesnt work on close objects (say closer than ~50cm or so), because of the alignment it misses out on all of the AF points and ends up being half in frame and half out. Slightly annoying but oh wells.

  35. Speedlights says:

    Please go here for further comments and discussion: