Yongnuo Compatibility with Canon DSLR

Yongnuo provides only partial compatibility information for their Canon ETTL speedlites. A lot of combinations are neither officially compatible nor incompatible – e.g. 600D with YN-465, Rebel T3 with YN-468, or 550D with YN467.

To help with transparency actual user reports are collected here and combined with official info in the table below. Pls understand there can’t be any warranty for the accuracy of information provided here.

Compatibility Table Explanation

green table cell background = officially compatible
red bg = officially not compatible
no bg color = no official information from YN
“yes” = compatibility report from one actual user
yes” = compatibility report from more than one actual user
“?” = no user reports available yet

Examples: a table cell with green backgrund and “yes” means the combination is compatible per Yongnuo’s specs and has been reported to work. Red bg and “yes” means official incompatibility, but there was a positive user report.

Last updated 02/29/12

In-depth review

In-depth review

In-depth review
YN-565EXYN-565 EX
In-depth review
Entry level DSLR
1100D / Rebel T3 no ? no yes
1000D / Rebel XS yes ? yes ?
600D / Rebel T3i no no no / yes (Feb 2012) ?
550D / Rebel T2i yes yes yes
(auto ISO 1600)
500D / Rebel T1i yes yes yes
(auto ISO 1600, ISO display shows “—”)
450D / Rebel XSi yes yes yes yes
400D / Rebel XTi yes ? yes yes
350D / Rebel XT yes yes yes ?
Mid range DSLR
60D yes ? yes yes
50D yes yes yes yes
40D yes yes yes
(ISO display shows “—”)
30D ? yes yes ?
20D ? yes (with EV corr) ? yes
High end DSLR
7D ? yes yes
(ISO display shows “—”)
5D Mark II ? yes yes yes
5D ? ? no (only in manual mode) ?
Professional DSLR
1Ds Mk III ? ? ? ?
1Ds Mk II ? ? ?
1D Mk IV ? ? ? ?
1D Mk III ? ? ? ?
1D Mk II N ? ? no ?
Other ETTL camera models
SX30 IS ? ? yes ?
SX20 IS ? ? ? ?
SX10 IS ? ? no / unclear ?


Official Yongnuo information

As of 8/26/11, this is what’s published on the manufacturer website and item descriptions in the official eBay store:

  • YN-465
    • “can only be used with Canon E-TTL cameras (not compatible to Canon A-TTL, and not compatible to Canon 5D, 5DII,1D, 1DS, 1DSI, 1DSII,1DSIII”
    • “suitable for: Canon 40D 50D 350D 400D 450D 500D 1000D”
  • YN-467
    • “suitable for: Canon 40D 50D 350D 400D 450D 500D 1000″
    • “not compatible to Canon 5D 5DII 1D 1DS, 1DSII,1DSII 20D”
  • YN-468
    • “suit for : Canon 1000D 550D 500D 450D 400D 350D 50D 40D”
  • YN-565 EX
    • suitable camera in TTL function: Canon 5D II 30D 40D 50D 350D 400D 450D 500D 550D 600D 1000D 1100D
      Canon Rebel XS XSi XTi T1i T2i T3
    • suitable camera and flashes in wireless TTL slave mode: camera: Canon 7D, 60D, 600D; flash: Canon 580EX II, Nikon Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-700

In the table, camera/flash parings stated as compatible are highlighted with a green background, official incompatibility is marked with background color red.

Sources of User reports

User reports come from the comments here on speedlights.net, discussion threads on photography-on-the-net (e.g. here), dslr-forum (e.g. here), flickr.com (e.g. here) and own experience with 40D and T1i.

Where to buy Yongnuo Speedlites

Yongnuo products can be found on eBay and amazon. Yongnuo also have an official YN eBay store.

Your help is needed!

Please help the community by posting your own experience in the comments (preferred) or by sending an email to fransener@speedlights.net.

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98 Responses to Yongnuo Compatibility with Canon DSLR

  1. AMq says:

    40D+Yongnuo 465 works just fine

    • fransener says:

      Thank you, I added it!

      • Don says:

        The Yongnuo YN 565ex doesn’t seem to work with the Canon 40 D and the Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2. I don’t know if this only because I have a 40D working with the ST-E2. Apparently, ST-E2 on a 40D will fire the flash but the flash output is so weak that it doesn’t register on the 40D’s sensor. The YN 565, as a slave, will work with the Canon 580 ex, the master. I don’t know if my 565ex is defective when it comes to the compatiblity of the 40D and ST-E2 combination.

        • YD says:

          I had same issue with YN 565 work with canon ST-E2. The ST-E2 working fine with canon flash.
          Do you final get it work or not?

  2. FrancoisM says:

    Hi Fransener,

    I’m using the Xsi + YN-465 combo for some time now.
    Happy to report that it works flawlessly :)

  3. fransener says:

    Merci Francois – I updated the table above

  4. Jon says:

    Is there any hope of the YN-468 working with my very old Canon D60 (E-TTL, not E-TTL2)?

    Even if the TTL functions don’t work, the basic manual functions should, right?

    • fransener says:

      Hi Jon

      Don’t think it works in TTL mode, chances are very small. You can certainly use it in manual mode “M”, both for the flash and also the D60. The Nissin Di622 has some limitations when it comes to usability with radio triggers, and people don’t always have the best to say about exposure quality, but at least it’s listed as compatible: http://www.nissindigital.com/en/compatibilitychart.html. Maybe an option?

  5. Daniel says:

    My Canon 350D + YN-467 is working fine.
    Thanks for putting all this info on the web! :-)

  6. fransener says:

    Thanks Daniel, I added your feedback to the table.

    I also received another email feedback confirming compatibility of the YN-465 with 60D camera, thanks also for that!

  7. Neil says:

    I’m looking for a flash for my Canon 60D but funds won’t stretch to a 480/580 EX so YN it is…

    I’m kind of disappointed by the “?” in the above compatibility table… Any updates at all? I was hoping to pick up the YN-468. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  8. Brian says:

    What about the 560?

    • fransener says:

      Hello Brian

      The YN560 has only a manual flash mode, which means it can’t be used in the auto modes of Canon DSLR – there’s no TTL on the YN560. It works if you switch your camera to mode “M” and set shutter speed and aperture by hand, and then also set power and zoom by hand on the flash. The camera only gives the trigger signal, no other info is exchanged (the YN560 has only 1 single electrical contact).

  9. Gustavo says:

    Sorry, what I wanted to write was if anyone checked if YN467 and YN468 were compatible with Canon Powershot SX20IS. Regards

  10. Sei says:

    Very disappointed to find that the YN468 is not working with my shiny new 600d. Will not fire and when I try to go into the settings for external flash in the camera it reads “Incompatible Flash or External Flash Not Powered On.” It does detect something in the hotshoe, however, and closes off access to the built in flash accordingly.

    Tested the flash on my 350d and everything works fine.

    Contacting Canon support tomorrow.

    • fransener says:

      Hello Sei

      Thank you very much for the information – that was not really expected – that the flash is incompatible! I’ve added it to the table above, and will send an email to Yongnuo. I saw they make no compatibility statement themselves. Good you confirmed it works on the 350D. And let us know what comes out.

  11. Gustavo says:

    Hi, does anybody know if YN467 and/or YN468 are compatible with Canon Powershot SX20IS? Regards

  12. Sei says:

    Received a reply from Canon. I do have to give them credit for their fast response time since I just sent out my trouble report a few hours ago.

    Their answer is since it’s not a Canon product it is not their obligation to support it. There is no standard transmission protocol for E-TTL, so 3rd parties are not adhering to a standard format, they are reverse engineering the Canon products are recreating it.

    Which seems stupid. Everything should have standards. The fact that this light works on every Consumer Tier EOS camera up until this point shows there was some sort of standardization which they have changed for this latest generation.

    Have a remote trigger set coming tomorrow. We’ll see if that works. Otherwise I’m seriously considering the downgrade to the 550d. At least then my Flash will work, Photoshop will read the RAWs, and I’ll save $100.

  13. Sei says:

    Happy to report all is not lost!

    Received a set of basic, $20 remote triggers today. Dumb little things with only one pin. The 600d still won’t let me into the flash settings menu, but it does fire the YN-468 remotely every time. I guess the flash and the camera are just too complicated for each other, but stick something basic on it and it’ll shoot flawlessly. Just means I need to set everything in manual mode.

    If you have a 600d and one of these flashes don’t look at it as a lost cause. Look at it as an opportunity to take the flash off the camera and put it where ever you want it to be.

    • fransener says:

      Hello Sei – great to hear you’re venturing into “strobist” land! Make sure to check out David Hobby’s strobist.com website, esp. ‘lighting 101″. It’s a true source of inspiration for off-camera flash.

    • Canon Zealot says:

      The YN467 do in fact work on the 600D in E-TTL mode. I purchased some cheap Polaroid E-TTL Wireless triggers, however, and the camera locks me out of the E-TTL settings for the triggers so no wireless E-TTL for me! On Camera they are fine.

      PS. Love my T3i

  14. Charles says:

    Any updates on YN-468 compatibility with EOS 60D?

  15. kristina says:

    Is there compatibility with EOS 30D and the YN-468
    Thank you


  16. fransener says:

    Hello kristina

    There was one person confirming the YN-468 works with the 30D, but no other voices. If you give it a shot and find it compatible, please let us know if you can confirm this! Thanks.

  17. azanhk says:

    Hi there,

    Just bought YN-468 yesterday.. just want to confirm it works fine with 500D!. the seller just advices not to use full power too often.

  18. JayZone says:

    hi.. need your help, another noob here.. which is compatible with kiss x4/550d? the yn465, 467 or 468? which you think is better of the 3? im going to use it on the camera’s hot shoe

  19. fransener says:

    Hi JayZone

    From the table above you can see that the 550D is compatible with YN-465 and YN-468; therefore I assume the YN-467 is compatible also, but this is unconfirmed to date.

    My reco would also be either YN-465, or YN-468. I like the 465 since it’s really simple, cheap, and has more power than the YN-468 despite the lack of a zoom reflector. I think, however, that most people go for the Yongnuo 468.

  20. Juan says:

    hi! great webpage!, now i want to do it my litre contribution!

    468 + 1000d work fine
    468 + 60d work fine too

    my yn468 is old version without metal flash foot! and is great and very cheap
    i dont remember now if iso is shown properly.. but it ttl is not important i think =D

  21. fransener says:

    thx Juan – updated the table with your info!

  22. JayZone says:

    hello fransener, thank you for your time answering my questions=) i’ll be shooting in a fashion show of my gf in two weeks. im using a 18-135mm kit lens and i guess i’ll be zooming a lot, so the yn468′s zoom reflector will be good help? which the yn465 dont have.. most of the time i’m using the AV or M mode when shooting.

  23. JayZone says:

    is yn560 advisable for a newbie? really powerful though no ttl function

    • fransener says:

      Hi JayZone – no, I would not advise a non-TTL flash for a newbie. There are situations where TTL just makes a lot of sense, manual flash is perfect for shootings where you have everything under control but that is not really the case for a party, wedding – or fashion show :-) YN-468 should be OK.

  24. JayZone says:

    great website fransener! you’re a great help for us newbies.. thank you! =)

  25. JayZone says:

    just got yn465, works fine with my kiss x4/550d =)

  26. Marden allan says:

    Well i’m a canon sx30 is owner and dont have a external flash yet, just by two reasons, first genuine canon flash like 270ex, 430ex and 580ex, are expensive, and i really cant afford that now, the second reason is the similars flash like yongnuo, nissin, meike, targus and many others doesnt let right details, about compatibily with powershot sx series, and many times i just receive a “no” answer for this question, like today when i asked one yongnuo yn-468 seller about compatibility with sx30, it’s annoying and sad, i really need good flash but just cant bet in the dark, i’m waiting and looking for a solid details about uses yongnuo flash in the sx30. =/

  27. Phil says:

    40D + YN467 works here.

  28. fransener says:

    Thanks for the note Phil, I added it to the table

  29. NeKRoMaNT says:

    YN-468 + Canon Powershot SX10 IS

    It works as expected except on M Mode, it doesn’t run.

  30. Domagoj says:

    450D works with all Yongnuo TTL flashes, confirmed with many samples. I am interested in combination 60D + yn 468, can more people confirm that? Soon we’ll have one more worry – YN 565…

  31. Lindomar Oliveira says:

    For the 600D, thereis a work around I use with the 468: Put a non conductive tape to cover the four data pins in the hot shoe. Now it works as a manual flash

  32. Alexander Rosh says:

    Yn467 not work in E-TTL with Canon 600D

  33. Run Asulin says:

    I just cancelled my YN-468 order!!!

    I have Canon 60D and really wanted a good flash, but:

    According to Yongnuo – the flash will not work well with 60D!!!

    I asked Yongnuo support:
    01. Will the YN-468 flash work with Canon 60D?

    I got an email from Yongnuo:

    Dear Run,
    Thank you for your inquiry!
    01. can not work well with 60D

    From: service@hkyongnuo.com
    To: james@hkyongnuo.com

    Is this just saying that Yongnuo doesnt “support” the 60D – or it will really NOT WORK?

    I really don’t wanna throw 90$ on a nice decoration for my desk!

    • fransener says:

      Hi Run! Thanks for the feedback; the incomplete information you get from Yongnuo and their resellers is exactly the reason why I started this compatibility page. Looking at the line for Canon 60D you can see that there was feedback from more than one user of the YN-468 who confirms that the flash is compatible, plus there were also multiple feedbacks for the related YN-465 flash with the 60D. I think you can buy this flash without concern. Frank

      • Run Asulin says:

        Hey! Thanks! I re-ordered the item!
        Hopefully it will work!

        Why would Yongnuo not claim that it works with 60D? because they haven’t tested it? What can be a reason to say it doesn’t “work well” with the 60D?

        They can lose alot of sales because of this!

        • fransener says:

          Hi Run: good questions – I simply assume their QA and marketing is not on the same standard yet as international companies so they either haven’t tested or don’t know for sure and want to be on the safe side to not risk their eBay feedback scores. Please let us know when you had a chance to test on your 60D since it helps other interested photogs! Frank

          • Run Asulin says:

            Yeah of course :)

            After this mess I have to :P

            I cancelled the order and after less than 12 hours cancelled the cancellation of the order :) lol so it wil head my way in 2-3 days and arrive and tested in around 14 days from today… looking forward to it :)

  34. paul says:

    Has anyone got experience of using yongnuo flashes on canon 10d? I have read they don’t work?

  35. Freddy says:

    I’m using the combination 500D + YN-467 quite awhile and everything works just fine, from slave modes, over manual, and even E-TTL. E-TTL is not as good in low-light situations compared to the original Canon flashes but I think that has to do with the ‘simple’ auto-focus assist light. No problems with E-TTL in normal light situations. Additionally I want to say that the YN-467 works perfect on the 450D as on my 500D.

    • fransener says:

      Thanks for this new info, Freddy! I’ve updated the tables, great to see the question marks getting fewer and fewer! Frank

  36. Alex W. says:

    Just got a working 465 today. (First one was DOA.)

    Sad to say it does NOT seem to work in TTL mode with my T2i/550D. Shooting a blank white wall, varying the distance from 4-15 feet, the flash always fires at the same level, so the exposures are too hot when close, and darker when distant. Also, on-camera FEC apparently does nothing.

    I compared this with my friend’s Canon 430EX II on my camera, same settings, and it delivers consistent exposures at various distances. That is what to expect from good TTL metering, right?

    I tried “P” and “Tv” modes, Auto ISO and 400, and External Flash Mode is E-TTL II.

    Anyone getting good results from this combo? Is there a trick?

  37. pards says:

    been using the yn467 for canon along my 550D… works fine so far.. gets through my desired exposure… flash power is not that strong though, yet manages to get clean shots. E-TTL-II seems to be ok with the 550D. Flash Exposure bracketing works fine without compromising flash refresh rate. the 467 might be a good flash for beginners especially with the TTL function.

  38. Dave Vizer says:

    YN468 does NOT work with Canon EOS1100D. All canon EX flashes work with EOS1000D & 1100D so I assumed the YN468 would, not the case. The flash worked OK with my son’s 1000D so flash OK and he’s happy because I had to give him the flash. I’ve now bought a Metz 50AF-1, that works fine with both cameras but over twice the price of the Yongnuo. vizerd

    • Speedlights says:

      Thanks Dave for the feedback, I’ve updated the table and glad to hear you found a solution although it meant buying another flash. Frank

    • sorer says:

      Yes, yn468 not working with canon 1100d. It’s comunicating with camera, i see some settings for it in menu, but no flash after pressing button in any mode. So, i must sold it.

  39. Nick N says:

    Just bought a Canon 600D/T3i, and I want to thank you for collecting & publishing this information.

    This won’t count as an actual user report, but yongnuo has posted a series of five silent videos demonstrating the YN-565 EX. In the 4th and 5th, they show the flash being controlled from a camera that they’ve clearly labelled as “600D”. We don’t see the front of the camera, but the back of it looks exactly like the back of mine. I’m convinced.

    Again, sir, a tip of the hat to you.

  40. Alex says:

    YN565EX Works perfectly with my 550D. Should be able to get a hold of a 60D and 7D to test also soon if needs be.

  41. Andrew says:

    YN-465 Does not work at all with Canon 600D (tested that hot-shoe was working with Canon brand)

    The 465 does work with 50D and 450D.

  42. Sharon says:

    I have a YN467 and it has suddenly stopped “flashing”. I’ve misplaced my instruction book. I have fully charged batteries and the indicator light is red. All camera settings are ok for the flash to work. Pressing the pilot button doesn’t activate the test flash. Any thoughts or ideas would be fantastic – many thanks. The flash is only about 1 year old. Ta.

  43. Wizard says:

    have aCanon 1D Mk I. I cannot seethis model in the compatibility list. I have a 580 and would be interested in getting the YN565 as a slave. Any comment?

    • Speedlights says:

      Hi there! The YN-565 should work as a wireless slave for the 580EX, but be advised that the original 580EX is not listed as a compatible master in the official Yongnuo documentation. That said it’s also possible that it won’t work, so give it a shot at your own risk (and let us know here what the result is). Maybe there’s a chance you can try one out somewhere before you buy? Frank

  44. Tim says:

    Have the YN468 and it works fine with our 40D but only can only use in manual mode on our 5D (non mkII). Interested to find out if YN565 EX will work with the original 5D before we shell out the money ourselves to find out if it does or doesn’t.

  45. brett stevens says:

    Yongnuo YN-468 with a Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel/Digital Kiss (with the hacked firmware from: http://www.digitalrebel.nl/firmware.html):

    - As with many of the cameras the ISO display is “—”
    - auto zoom works fine
    - flash correctly reports the aperture info from the camera.
    - AF focus assist beam works.
    - With the hacked firmware you can force the flash sync aperture in Av mode which works. In that mode with the flash sync speed on, I tried a number of exposures from f5 to f32 and the exposure is not completely consistent but all pictures are visible. I would say the best exposures were f14-18 and the pictures were too dark for f20-32 and slightly too bright for f5-11.
    - The hacked firmware has FEC and I tried it in Av mode at f14 and M mode at f16 and both worked.
    - The EOS 300D does not have an auto ISO mode except in the Basic Zone modes. In these modes the ISO was automatically set to 100 except in “sports/action” where it was set to 400 and “no flash” where it was also set to 400
    - On a zoom lens set at 300 the flash once set itself to 30mm rather than its max of 85mm.

    Note: often the flash zoom or reporting a changed aperture value would not change on the flash until I have half pressed the shutter button on the camera.

    conclusion: working satisfactory, not well, but the data is limited at the moment. I would say it is working well for mid-range stops.

  46. Mj says:

    Is it zoom function really useful for taking outdoor portrait with a withe umbrella 43″?(nikon d90)
    I will use it off camera 90% of the time,
    I don’t know these functions on 467 compared to 465,has value for 50$ more or not,or a better option for me is more flash power+wireless trigger rf-602

  47. Mike says:

    YN-565EX works fine with 400D, 40D and 5Dii

  48. Andrew says:

    Can anyone confirm that the 565ex works good with a Canon450d/rebel xsi??

  49. gazfon says:

    no reviews as yet for the eos 20d please help if anyone has tested !

  50. YN-467 work fine with my 350D and 30D.

  51. Tom Hill says:

    Just purchased 3 YN565EX – work great – just one major appointment’s – they do not seem to be compatible at all with Pocket Wizard TT5 – if there is a solution hear I would love to learn more.
    I now wondering if I can double bracket mount a 580EXii with a YN565EX inside of a soft box and use the PW TT5 to trigger the 580EXii and then set the YN565EX to optical slave 2 mode to be triggered by the 580EXii flash, something that should work fine in a manual mode, but not sure if TTL mode can be maintained??
    Any ideas or suggestions on how a 580EXii / YN565EX/ PW TT5 can work together in a TTL mode would be much welcomed!

    • Colin says:

      The ST-E2 (Yongnuo or canon) may be of Interest to you. It’s a camera mounted MASTER transmitter which makes ETTL claims. I’m not sure how it differs from your TT5, but you do have to set all of your flashes to SLAVE.

  52. FrancoisM says:

    Hi Fransener and gang.

    I confirm that the YN-565EX works fine with my Xsi (450D)
    Nice piece of equipment BTW

    @Fransener: thanks for the efforts you put to inform us


  53. Colin says:

    Great Site – Very useful, so many thanks….

    I can confirm that:
    * The YN565EX and (Yongnuo) ST-E2 both works fine on my 60d and 450d.
    * The ST-E2 triggers the 580EX II and YN565EX when both are in SLAVE mode
    * My 580EX II (as MASTER) triggers the YN565EX while in SLAVE mode
    * I would have tied the reverse, but the YN565EX doesn’t have MASTER – Doh!
    * and finally; 60d (as MASTER) triggers the YN565EX while in SLAVE mode

    I’ve not played with either of them enough to provide performance stats, but they do what they claim – and you can’t ask for much more than that….

  54. Joel says:

    I’ve tested the YN 565 with the 450D / Rebel XSi. Works great!

  55. maruf says:

    does yn-465 works with canon 1100d?my flash is not working on camera bt giving test fire..can any one plz help??

    • Speedlights says:

      Hi marut; the YN-465 is not designed to work with the 1100D – it’s the same gen flash as the YN-468 which has been reported to be incompatible as well. Do you have the version with plastic or metal foot? Frank

      • maruf says:

        main is a metal foot version.Is there any way i can use this flash with 1100d?

        • Speedlights says:

          If you tried it and could not get it to work then it’s simply not compatible, and officially it’s not compatible either. The YN-565 has been reported to work with a 1100D. You can use the flash in flash mode “M”, but this requires you switch your camera to mode “M” or “Tv” also and use shutter speeds not shorter than 1/200 sec.

  56. Bengt Skogvall says:

    I have the YN-467 and have tried it on both a 20D and a 7D.

    On the 20D, I have to set it to expose about +1,5 eV in order to get a good exposure. Apart from that, everything works OK.

    On the 7D, everything works OK.

  57. Max Marenkov says:

    My Canon 20D and YN-565 works fine.

  58. Aidan Hancock says:

    Many thanks for the useful site.
    I can confirm the YN-468 II works perfectly with a Canon 500D

  59. Alexandre D. says:

    YN565 works great with my 20D ! :)

  60. FateDarkArcher says:

    my YN-468 works well with 1000D
    originally i thought it doesn’t work with my 60D, so i planned to sell it.
    when i read this page, i retried attaching to 60D again, and voila it works.
    Cancelled the selling ad :p

  61. Hamlevy says:

    Meu YN-467 funcionou direitinho com a T3i Canon (600D). O disparo sem fio e a distância, funciona muito bem. E o TTL-E é muito bom, a camera regula o Flash automaticamente.

  62. Alfred says:

    The YN-465 flash works with the Canon SX20 IS. I bought one for my sister and tested it.



  63. msgill says:

    Excellent compatibly table. I have eos 5dmk1 and using in manual mode with metz flashes. Earlier, I picked YN 468 which died after three hundred clicks and no authroize repair here Lahore-Pak and lying paperweight. My question is as asked by Tim above its compatibility with eos 5dmk1. In the table it is question mark(?) against 5d. Will appreciate comments if my colleague is using YN 565 in all mode of 5d(i), its performance, durability, and ultimate goal of results.

  64. Olga says:

    i have a canon 600d. it works with yn-468 just fine.

  65. Tim says:

    Seems like everything works great with the original 5d and 565ex, only weird thing I noticed (shooting with a 50mm 1.8 lens) is when I go from f2.0 to f1.8 on the camera it goes from f2.0 to f1.4 on the flash display screen.

  66. Gabriel.gomes says:

    The YongNuo YN468 works both in TTL mode and manual mode with canon T3i.
    Important note: my flash is the version with the metal shoe.
    I made a video to demonstrate the operation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIEGMrQcdRg

    Thank you.

    • Sei says:

      I just upgraded the firmware on my T3i last week to 1.02 and tried my speedlight again. Unfortunately same result. I noticed that the flash is reading the aperture from the camera, so some data is passing, but the camera will not fire the flash. If I tape over the four data points and just leave the trigger point in contact it will fire in manual mode.

      Mine is first generation purchased basically on release. It’s possible later batches were tweaked a bit.

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