Yongnuo News: YN460-II and YN560 Now With Metal Foot

The Yongnuo YN 460 Mark II design has been updated in one detail as reports indicate: YN-460 Mark II now comes with a metal foot!

Thank you very much speedlights.net reader Albert for reporting about the Yongnuo YN-460-II now shipping with metal base plate on the plastic foot! You can see a photo of it below.

Yongnuo YN-460 II Metal Foot

For comparison, you can see here the now “old” flash foot design:

Yongnuo YN460-II Flash Foot

The Yongnuo 560 now also has a metal flash foot. Huge thanks to photographer j-pang for the comparison picture here:

New improved Yongnuo YN560 with metal flash foot

Update from 1/12/11:
thank you for the feedback about other YN models: YN460, YN467 and YN468 come also with metal foot. I think it’s a safe assumption that all YN speedlites now have the metal base plate on the flash foot!

Further reading

To learn more about the 2 manual-mode speedlites from Yongnuo digital, read the YN460-II in-depth review and the YN560 in-depth review (both now updated with flash foot design change information).

If you want to learn about how the different models compare and which one is right for you, go to the Yongnuo Speedlites overview page.

Where To Buy

You find a wide variety of Yongnuo speedlites on eBay, either in the Yongnuo manufacturer store or check all eBay offers. Make sure to ask about plastic or metal foot if it matters to you, since the switch was very recent and there will be still versions with a plastic foot out there.

amazon is another good source for Yongnuo products. The YN-460-II is widely available there too while the Yongnuo YN-560 is harder to find there as well.

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21 Responses to Yongnuo News: YN460-II and YN560 Now With Metal Foot

  1. Yeap, I just got mine a couple of days ago. I confirm that it came with a metal foot.

  2. I’m talking about the YN460-II (sorry for the double post)

  3. Pang says:

    I had two YN560s arrived the other day (ordered late Dec), and I can confirm they they both came with metal hotshoe feet. I didn’t even realise until I checked just then.

  4. Pang says:

    Here’s a photo comparing the newer YN560, on the left, and the older YN560, on the right: http://www.flickr.com/photos/j_pang/5337479599/

  5. According to a UK distributor, many common faults have now been fixed and the YN560s should be less vulnerable to failure of the zoom mechanism and random malfunctions. You know yours is a later model if

    a) it has a metal foot, and
    b) its serial number is YN12840000 or later

  6. My YN467 arrived today also had a metal foot. Purchased from the official eBay shop on Jan 1st. It also had a thicker corrugated card liner to the box. Sounds like they are paying attention to comments, which is a good thing.

    Also I can finally see why people think the door is a lousy design, I almost broke it the 1st time I fitted some batteries.

  7. Ben Bammens says:

    I just picket up mine (460) at the post office and it has the metal foot too.

  8. Michael says:

    I just got a YN-468 with a metal foot as well. Very happy to see that.

  9. Damian says:

    Buyer beware!!! – I have the same problem. I contacted the Yongnuo and they told me that I need to contact my ebay seller for support. They would support me only if I bought the product from them! The ebay seller that I bought it from said… sorry only 30 days for exchange. So I am out the cost of a YN-560.

    Speedlights.net gives these product s good ratings and is making a lot of people go out and by these units. I have two Yongnuo 560’s and one of them has this problem. I will not be buying any other products from Yongnuo and I strongly caution anyone that is thinking of buying from Yongnuo. Ask yourself one question, if the unit breaks, how will the manufacturer support me. In case of Yongnuo you are on your own!

  10. toDamian says:

    Dear Damian!

    Everybody whos reads this blog, KNOWS that!
    We buy these flashes becuase they are the best deal you can get for an strobo-flash. And Usually they wont break.

    The Amount of satisfied People using this flash day for day outnumbers those who have trouble with it by far.

    I my two 560s will break, I’m going to repair the flashtube by my self or, in case of curcuit damage, will buy a new one, for ~75$incl shipping!.

    And if that unit performs even half as long as a Metz oder Nissin one I’m still below the price of the entry level flash of those two manufractors.

  11. Honza says:

    I have two YN-465.Old model with plastic and new with metal food.
    Photo here:

  12. Albert says:

    Got my YN-468 with a metal hotshoe this week and a quality control sticker in the battery compartment, so far so good

  13. gabrielius says:

    how important is the metal foot? I can order it with plastic foot from uk and I will get it after a week and if I will order it from china, I will get the metal one, but I will need to wait it for over a month. So if the metal foot is worth waiting that much?

  14. lucaslim says:

    Do you know the approximate date for the release of the YN-56X (or the successor of the YN-560?)

  15. Gelly says:

    hey hey, the new YN-560′s have metal foots yes, but they also have a different internal motor. instead of a plastic rail on which the zoom head travels on, its now metal… however it still suffers the same zoom head problem where it gets stuck on the 105mm setting and doesnt return to 24mm.

    those with the plastic rails may be able to fix them (at risk) by returning the shuttle to the 24mm position

    • fransener says:

      Thanks for the feedback Gelly! Did you notice other differences as well – it seems you opened the casings and inspected the inside on both old and new models?

  16. Gelly says:

    i wasn’t able to inspect the “first edition” 560 but i’ve seen others open theirs up and the zoom motor seems to be the only thing thats different internally (aside from the metal foot of course).

    my seller was incredibly gracious and apologetic and offered to pay the return shipping for the item… but i would rather lock it on 24mm and leave it in my softbox… i’d still get another one considering i only paid 80USD shipping included… but i wouldn’t take it out of a controlled studio environment

  17. Kenneth Chan says:

    Has anyone found a reliable source for ordering just the new metal foot? The plastic one on my YN460-II just broke into pieces. The flash itself still works, but obviously needs a foot to attach to a hotshoe / flash trigger. Thanks for any leads!

    • fransener says:

      Hi Kenneth: I think that any new YN flash you can buy today has the metal foot; I had the same concern about getting old units but did not read any feedback from disappointed buyers. If you want to make 100% sure you can always buy from the official Yongnuo eBay store – Frank

  18. Joel dC says:

    i have two YN-460-II and YN-467
    this is flash is great since i am used to shooting manual and manual flash mode.
    I don’t like this new model with metallic plate. I like the previous model with plastic. That way, when something bumped on it, it will be the flash that will get broken and not the camera.
    Another thing that i don’t like is the increment of flash power. The plastic ones is more accurate every step.
    Lastly, this metallic shoe model of YN-460-II is noisier when it fires at all power level and is really allergic to temperature. It warns earlier than my plastic YN-460-II.
    I like the old much better than my new.

    if will will have to buy new YN, i would look for the plastic foot.

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