Yongnuo 560 Real World Guide Number Table

Flash guide number for the Yongnuo 560 was measured before. What’s new now is a full guide number table with the manufacturer specs versus the Speedlights.net test results – see here below; go for more information to the YN 560 review test results page.

Yongnuo 560 guide number table

Guide number tables for other models of camera flash can be found in the respective reviews, for example for Yongnuo 460 Mark II, Nikon SB-600, or Nissin Di622 Mark II. The new Nikon SB-700 will soon be added with full guide number test results, too.

Where to buy YN-560

The YN-560 is available in the manufacturer store hkyongnuophotoequipment” and from other sellers on eBay.

amazon is another good source for purchasing Yongnuo products. Compare availability and prices.

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