Unboxing Nikon Speedlight SB-700

The new Nikon SB-700 arrived today with overnight express! The in-depth review will take some time, but here’s an unboxing video of Nikon’s new external flash and successor to the speedlight SB-600.

It shows the unpacking, installing of batteries, powering on, flash head adjustment, and finally size comparison with Nikon’s SB-900 and the predecessor SB-600 flash.

Nikon SB-700 – First Impressions

Some first impressions from the unpacking – there was no chance yet to test the SB-700 flash really:

  • the SB-700 feels like an SB-900 in SB-600 size
  • the mode switch on the left of the LCD display is good – like it more than a button again and again to cycle through the modes
  • the wireless sensor is on the right side again, but higher on the flash body compared to SB-600. There should be less problems with fingers or hands inadvertently covering the sensor window in wireless use
  • the battery compartment is improved over the traditional Nikon design, more like Canon now
  • the SS-700 semi hard case has an odd shape, and the material and manufacturing feels a bit average

The upcoming in-depth review will cover reviews and tests of the build quality, supplied accessories, flash head features, light falloff, real world guide number, flash duration, wireless flash with radio triggering and wireless TTL, on-camera use and functionality.

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Speedlight specs comparison page with data on all Nikon flash models from 1988 plus selected Canon, Metz, Nissin, Vivitar and Yongnuo flash units.

Where to buy

The Nikon SB-700 is available now internationally and in the US.

Check amazon, Adorama, B & H Photo and J & R for supplies and prices. There are also a couple listed on eBay.



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  1. Bare says:

    I’m looking forward to see how SB-700 compares to SB-600 in real-world GN.

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