Unboxing YN-467 for Nikon

My Yongnuo YN-467 has arrived today – super fast shipping from Hong Kong, I had bought it just 8 days ago from the manufacturer’s store on eBay! First impression is rather good, just like the other speedlites from the 460 series from China. I will start testing very soon, here’s an ‘unboxing video’ to kick the series off.

Go here for the full review of the Yongnuo 467 – there were some interesting discoveries during the tests.

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6 Responses to Unboxing YN-467 for Nikon

  1. Diego says:

    Hi, I have two question for you.

    1-I have read that the zoom position do not reset when you remove it from the camera (keeping the flash turn on); then is possible to operate with the last “on camera’s mm.setting” also if different than the default 24mm. of the off-camera operation.
    Could you confirm that?

    2-Does the head rotate at -7 deegres? The reviews make confusio on this.

    Thank you very much.

    • fransener says:

      Ciao Diego!

      Here are your answers:
      - yes, the flash head retains its current position if taken off camera switched on, so the trick works. Only when you power it off and on again it does reset to the wide angle position.
      BUT: the YN-467 does also support manual zoom as I just found out – keep pressing the “mode” button and it goes through all the zoom positions, also off camera.
      - the head swivels between -90 and +180 and tilts from -10 degrees to plus 90. The handbook says it’s minus 7, but I checked it once and it’s more actually, really like minus 10. You can see it here on a YN-460: http://speedlights.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Yongnuo_YN460_side.jpg. Thing is that YN introduced the negative tilting after the introduction of the 460 series, but since that point in time all models have the feature. So if you buy one new today, it will have negative tilt.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Diego says:

    You’ve been very very kind, my doubts are clarified now. ;)
    I’m happy that the “trick” works; the possibility of manual zoom surprise me instead, becouse i thought that it was a dedicated feature of the “468″ (perhaps this one has got a more confortable/dedicated manual zoom-button…??).

    Thank you again and sorry for my english.

  3. Flasher says:

    Who do you have to contact if you have problems with your new YN-467?

    I tried contacting them on their ebay store but no reply so far.

  4. fransener says:

    Hi Flasher

    Get in touch with them via ebay – if they don’t reply then send a follow up message; I assume you bought from their own store?

  5. Flasher says:

    Can anyone recommend a flash trigger that will work with this YN-467 i-TTL flash?

    I also have a Sunpak PF30X, also i-TTL for Nikon. So it would be nice if I can get them both to remote flash with a radio trigger.

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