YN-560 now in Manufacturer Store

Update from 7/15/10:
Go here for the in-depth review of the YN-560 flash

Today the new and greatly improved manual-mode speedlite YN-560 has been finally listed in the manufacturer store “hkyongnuophotoequipment” on eBay. Big advantage is on top of buying direct from Yongnuo that they offer a 1 year warranty. The review is almost done too and will be posted here within the next 3 days!

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4 Responses to YN-560 now in Manufacturer Store

  1. frank says:

    This flash seems like a godsend…the recycle time is quick.

  2. 1 year warranty is a good bargain!

  3. im just waiting for the official full review before placing order(S) :wink:

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