YN-560 Instruction Manual

Update from 7/15/10:
Go here for the in-depth review of the YN-560 flash

Here’s now the instruction manual that came with my Yongnuo YN560 flash. Pages 1 – 22 are reserved to the Chinese language version, English starts on page 23 (“I. Warning” – left out here). Please click on the small thumbnails for larger versions of pages 24 through 42.

Pages 24 – 25

Feature overview and speedlite parts

Yongnuo YN-560 Instruction Manual page 24

Pages 26 – 27

Buttons and back panel icons

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 26

Pages 28 – 29

Installation instructions, basic operation

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 28

Pages 30 – 31

Output level indicator, charging indicator, YN560 beep signals, power saving feature

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 30

Pages 32 – 33

Powering on, flash modes “M”, “S1″, “S2″, test flash, power saving function

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 32

Pages 34 – 35

Power saving contd., overheating protection, zoom setting

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 34

Pages 36 – 37

Sound indicator, PC synch port, settings memory, partial output setting, multi-flash operation

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 36

Pages 38 – 39

Multi-flash operation contd., external power pack, bounce flash

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 38

Pages 40 – 41

Wide angle diffuser, YN-560 specifications

YN-560 Instruction Manual page 40 Specifications

Pages 42 – 43

YN-560 Guide number table, trouble shooting

Yongnuo YN-560 Guide Number Table Instruction Manual page 42

Follow the link for other Yongnuo instruction manuals, e.g. for YN460, YN460 mk2 or the E-TTL enabled YN468.

Where to buy YN-560

The YN-560 is available on eBay now in small quantities, although not from the manufacturer store “hkyongnuophotoequipment” yet but only from other eBay sellers. See the YN-560 offers on eBay. As this model is still available in small quantities so far, I’d recommend you check back with the seller that it is in stock and not back-order.

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