YN-560 Testing: Progress Report

Update from 7/15/10:
Go here for the in-depth review of the YN-560 flash

Here are now some results from the Yongnuo 560 testing while the full review still needs a bit longer. This quick post is looking at a couple of aspects only.

Recycle time

Flash recycle time can only be described as extremely short. I averages at 1.5 seconds with eneloop NiMH cells and 3.0 seconds with Duracall alkalines, and this is the average of 10 shots fired in a row:

YN-560 recycle times (full power, in seconds)

This is faster than Canon 580EX II, Nikon SB-900, and also quicker than the precursor model YN460-II which was really not an under-performer (2.1 seconds / 4.0 seconds as the average for 10 consecutive shots).

Yongnuo YN460-II flash recycle time

Optical slave mode

Yongnuo claimed to have improved sensitivity of the optical slave modes S1 and S2. The manual specifies 20-30 meters indoors and 10-15 meters outdoors as usable range. My outdoors tests showed it fires 100% of the times in S1 mode at 30 meters distance, and it still fired in 60% of the cases at 30 meters in mode S2 when triggered via a Nikon SB-600 in the camera hot shoe. At shorter distances it worked with 100% reliability. In comparison, I could not get my 460-II to fire at all in that outdoor setup.

Next to ..

Finally, here now a photo that shows the YN560 between a Nikon SB-900 and the Canon 580EX II. As you can see they’re are all in the same class and while the Nikon is the biggest of the three the other two look like twins almost.

Yongnuo YN560 vs SB-900 vs 580EX-II

And here the YN-560 next to its ancestors YN460 and YN460 mark II:

Yongnuo YN460 vs YN460-II vs YN560

More info

Make sure to check out the YN560 review on the kurbsterphotography blog, and visit here the YN560 page for more posts. Technical data can be found on the speedlight comparison page.

Go here for the in-depth review of the YN-560!

Where to buy YN-560

The YN-560 is available on eBay now in small quantities, although not from the manufacturer store “hkyongnuophotoequipment” yet but only from other eBay sellers. See the YN-560 offers on eBay. As this model is still available in small quantities so far, I’d recommend you check back with the seller that it is in stock and not backorder.

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