Unpacking YN-560

My new Yongnuo speedlite YN-560 has arrived! I’m still writing on the review, but here is an ‘unboxing video’ as a little appetizer.


The 3 minute video shows:

  • opening of the box
  • instruction manual
  • flash stand
  • pouch
  • flash model guide leaflet (only 46x series models)
  • flip down wide angle panel
  • tilting action
  • opening battery compartment
  • PC port and external power socket
  • size comparison with YN-460-II, Nikon SB-600, Nikon SB-24

First impression

The first impression is very good btw – build quality is on a high level, everything feels solid. The battery compartment door is engineered much better and there is now a pin inside the battery case to hold the 4 cells in place. Also the ‘mushy’ feeling of the buttons is gone, there is no wobbling anymore! More about the new YN-560 in the upcoming review. The one thing I noticed so far that is different from the previews is that there is no release knob for swivel and tilt (which is good news).

Previous YN-560 articles

Check out the YN560 page for previous articles with speculations, insights, and discoveries around the new top model of the ‘strobist line’ (meaning their speedlites featuring manual mode only) from the Yongnuo company.

Where to buy YN-560

The YN-560 is available on eBay now, although not from the manufacturer store “hkyongnuophotoequipment” but only from other eBay sellers. See the YN-560 offers on eBay. As this model is still available in small quantities so far, I’d recommend you check back with the seller that it is in stock and not backorder.

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