YN-468 Video Review: Manual Mode

To complement the information in text and photos on the site I’ve started shooting some videos with short reviews about my speedlights. Yongnuo YN-468 manual mode review is the first one in the series, and embedded here:


The video shows:

  1. contents in the box
  2. an uninteded drop test
  3. inserting batteries
  4. manual mode operation
  5. partial output setting
  6. Cactus V4 triggering
  7. RF-602 triggering (partial)

More YN468 information

Don’t miss out on the 2 review articles about the E-TTL enabled 468 model from Yongnuo, or have a look at the data sheet:

Where to buy

The YN-468 is available from the official Yongnuo store “hkyongnuoequipment” and also from other sellers on eBay.

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2 Responses to YN-468 Video Review: Manual Mode

  1. Woo says:

    Why aint Nikon version out yet ?

    Thanks for the Review.

  2. fransener says:

    Good question! We can only speculate; since there is the YN465 model for Nikon available and it works very well, it might be one of the additional features the 468 has over the 465. And the one feature that comes to mind first is the auto zoom. Might be this is making problems, since there was also no YN467 yet which does have auto zoom too.

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