Update: YN467 Nikon, YN468 Canon Dates

Here is the latest update I got from

on the release date of the YN467 in Nikon version as well as the new YN468 with strobo mode and LCD display for Canon:

  • “The YN-467 for Nikon version will be produced in the end of April.”
  • and YN-468 for Canon version will be produced in the first of May.”

No updated info for the YN-468 for Nikon, unfortunately. But with the Canon version being pushed out to the beginning of May, I expect if to be for sale no sooner than that, either.

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10 Responses to Update: YN467 Nikon, YN468 Canon Dates

  1. gillesmab says:

    Re: YN468‏
    Yong Nuo Photo Equipment
    Mon 17/05/10 11:15

    Hello , TTL flash for NIkon will be available in two months. At the end of July. Thanks.

  2. Ray says:

    I have mail to hkyongnuo.com the follow;
    Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010

    When become the flash version YN-468 for Nikon out.
    The answer
    From ZhangJames” <****@hkyongnuo.com
    Thank you for your question! Now we do not have such plan, I will let you know when we make that plan.

  3. fransener says:

    Hi Ray

    Thanks so much for posting this here! I don’t know that specific person at Yongnuo, but this is definitely a statement – no plan to get a YN-468 in the Nikon version out soon. So we have the YN-465 as the latest Nikon version, the YN-468 as the latest for Canon and the YN-560 as the latest “strobist” flash.

  4. Ray says:

    No problem.

    But weird people at hkyongnuo.com, I asked if there YN-467 version for Nikon will come, i got this answer back;

    The latest news from our factory is we may have plan for YN-468 Nikon, I will let you know when is available.

  5. Ray says:

    btw: If I have news i let you know ;-)

  6. gillesmab says:

    Latest news from Yongnuo about the Nikon version of the YN468:

    Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2010 11:09 PM
    To: sales@hkyongnuo.com
    Subject: YN468

    This is the end of july, apparently still no Nikon version of the YN468, do you confirm this version will be issued soon?Thanks for a quick answer, regards,


    From: sales@hkyongnuo.com
    To: james@hkyongnuo.com
    Subject: Fw: YN468
    Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 14:49:09 +0800

    Dear Gilles,
    We thank you for your inquiry. We do not have any comfirm news from our factory yet. I will let you know when we hav any nore news.

  7. Danny says:

    does anyone know if the YN467 works on a Nikon D200, myne doesnt, but does on my D40X perfectly? thanks

    • fransener says:

      Hello Danny

      No, it’s the first time I’m hearing about this! My YN467 works on my D80, which is the same camera generation as the D200. What’s happening exactly when you attach it and try to use?

  8. Danny says:

    HI , in A priority mode ( same in other modes) the shutter speed goes to 60, but flickers to whatever the speed would be without the flash. The flash sync mode also flickers on and off.
    If try to use, the power zoom dosnt work, and flash, when it does trigger, only at very low power.
    In manual mode, can set power level, now power zoom, only manual.
    My other TTL flash, Sunpak PF30X, works perfectly on this camera and the D40x. Both flashes work flawlesly on the D40x. Other non TTL flashes work perfectly on both cameras. thanks

    • fransener says:

      That is strange indeed, thanks for the thorough testing. I’ve added it to a compatibility list I’ve started and plan on publishing soon.

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