All Specs for Nikon Pro Flash Since 1988

I have added 7 more Nikon flashes to the database. The added models are SB-25, SB-26, SB-27, SB-30, SB-50DX, SB-80DX, and SB-400. With this, I have the strobist data for the pro grade line covered from 1988 on:

  • SB-24 (1988)
  • SB-25 (1992)
  • SB-26 (1994)
  • SB-28 (1997
  • SB-28DX (1999)
  • SB-80DX (2002)
  • SB-800 (2003), the first i-TTL flash
  • SB-900 (2008)

You can find the data as well as links to full reviews – where available to date – in the side by side comparison section (which is my database front end).

In addition, you find data on the mid and lower range models SB-27, SB-30, SB-400, SB-50DX and SB-600. Among these, only the SB-600 is a good strobist choice, but see for yourself!

You might have noticed I skipped the SB-29 in this list. It is a macro flash unit, so not in the center of interest here on this website.

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